Hardware Solutions

Continuous and faultless business operation cannot be accomplished without appropriate hardware support. Reliability, fast serviceability and simple maintenance are equally important factors. Permanent failure of a workstation is a serious issue as it significantly interferes with the work of the personnel. Failure will inevitably lead to loss of valuable human resources for the personnel is unable to perform their daily duties without their clients; moreover, such system failure will considerably lengthen the time required for saving data important for business purposes.

What workstation should be purchased?

  • Only hardware of excellent quality and from reliable sources should be purchased
  • Only solutions with appropriate service background should be chosen
  • Only equipment with appropriate component supply should be purchased
  • If possible, energy-efficient solutions should be chosen to minimise the costs of IT operation

If the above suggestions are considered during planning and implementation, the longevity of workstations can be guaranteed, and at the same time operational costs, as well as incidence of the permanent failures can be minimised – this will inevitably lead to cost-effective operation in the long run.

Why to choose our company?

We only offer products of excellent quality from reliable sources and from distinguished companies – Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu and Apple – for our Customers. By using these products, the longevity and reliable operation of workstations can be taken for granted. For products that we offer from various companies we even have a permanent service partner contract, so that with our continuously expanding service background and constant supply of spare components we aim to minimise issues emerging from system failures. In order to minimise operational costs we only offer easily manageable and maintainable solutions that meet current demands by their energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Moreover, this does not only apply to workstations but also to our whole hardware portfolio that besides PCs and notebooks also comprises servers, network tools, uninterruptable power supplies and printers.