Compared to personal users, computers are required to meet entirely different demands in a large company’s environment. Characteristics such as good manageability and simple operability are more important factors for choosing appropriate hardware than the performance of graphic cards or external appearance. In contrast to home operation, clients will be operated as part of a large infrastructure (and not independently, isolated from other computers), in which tools are needed to be integrated so that IT system administrators should be able to control and manage them remotely. Moreover, cost-effective operability and longevity are equally important factors, which requires products of excellent quality and infrequent malfunctions. The aforementioned is especially true for mobile devices that are getting more and more popular, and therefore compliance with quality criteria is exceptionally important as there are mobile workstations where control and effective management have to be guaranteed.

Fat client brands distributed by Humansoft Ltd. for large companies:

Why Humansoft?

We are delivering complete, all-inclusive hardware solutions that are easily integrable into the environment of large companies ranging from PDA devices via mobile equipment to workstations that are characterised by excellent quality, longevity and permanent availability. The all-inclusive service comprises guaranteed support from manufacturers that are available for most operating systems, so that transition between different platforms can easily be accomplished. Besides that, our computers are easily manageable and operable by company IT administrators, which is indispensible to a company that works effectively and whose data are kept secured. In case of larger manufacturers, the maximum 5-year guarantee assures longevity of the equipment, and continuous component supply can minimise the chance of permanent malfunctions.