Printers and copiers

Day by day work in most companies is about creating and editing documents. In order to show them to other colleagues or partners, these documents have to be often printed; in certain cases, documents are solely created to be printed. Inevitably, a considerable part of our time is spent on printing, whose informatics support is a key issue. Consequently, many entrepreneurs keep talking about their printers as their own cars: owing to the responsibility of the printer, its reliability, lifespan, operational costs and print quality, printing speed and manageability, etc. are extraordinarily important factors. Moreover, printers in many cases meet special demands, for many companies cannot afford to ask one colleague to run all the time to print work nearby when creating A/3 printouts, posters and catalogues.

What is a good printer like?

  • Versatile; able to print everything from a small piece of paper to a poster
  • Fast printing; able to print several hundred pages without considerable heat
  • Cost-effective operation (HUF/sheet); costs are easily manageable
  • Can be integrated with document managing applications
  • Controllable operation
  • Able to provide excellent quality printouts on many kind of papers
  • Appropriate service and component support

In summary, the most important factors when choosing the right printer: cheap operability, fast printing and effectively controllable operation; should be able to fulfil various requests, for example scanning in case of a multifunctional device. If, however, the latter task is to be performed frequently, it is advisable to purchase an appropriate stand-alone scanner for a multifunctional device will probably not be able to provide high-quality scanning or character recognition compared to a professional scanner designed for these tasks.

Why Humansoft?

We offer professional printer service for HP, Dell, Kyocera, Zebra and Canon devices. Moreover, we also provide our Customers with maintenance, printing consolidation and continuous supply of printer components and spare parts.