Server hardware

Sooner or later every recently established company reaches a point when its workflow cannot be effectively maintained by workstations that work separately. In the long run, storage of files on a central server that is up 24 hours a day and can be accessed remotely is more cost-effective than storing them as simple attachments. That is data storage; however, a company server can be indispensible to functions such as archiving, virtualisation, team work and management systems. Based on the above, servers nowadays represent the fundaments of company infrastructure, and a modern, effectively managed company just cannot exist without them.

What are the benefits of servers?

  • Data stored on servers are accessible anytime owing to 24-hour-long operation.
  • Servers can centrally store important data of the company, which are accessible for employees any time.
  • Teamwork within the company, virtualisation and further modern office applications cannot be accomplished without servers.
  • Data protection levels can be higher due to central data storage.
  • By storing safety backup copies, all systems can easily be moved from one place to another even when one workstation is malfunctioning.

Why Humansoft?

As servers are indeed fundaments of company infrastructure; they have to be continuously available and therefore appropriate service background and precise partner expertise, as well as ability for implementation are exceptionally important factors. For servers distributed by Humansoft – HP, Dell, Fujitsu – as our company is an outstanding service partner, appropriate product support can be taken for granted, thereby contributing to proper operation of products without significant malfunction and failure.