Dear Partner!

With reference to our notice dated of 13 December 2018, please be advised that the former solely owned subsidiaries of 4iG Plc., HUMANsoft Ltd., Axis Rendszerház Ltd. and Mensor3D Ltd. have been merged into 4iG Plc according to decision no. Cg.01-10-044993/158  of the Court of Registration of the Metropolitan Court with the effective date of 31 January 2019.

As a result of the merger, all the rights and obligations of the subsidiaries will be transferred to 4iG Plc as their general legal successor.

For more information about the merger, please find our Investor Information. More

We thank you for your successful professional cooperation with our subsidiaries until this date and hope that a similarly successful partnership will continue with the legal successor 4iG Plc after the merger.

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