AgroN2 project

AgroN2 projekt

Project title: „The development of a new technology and its operational environment for the purposes of taking production samples, and for data forwarding and analyses in order to aid the organization of agricultural plant and sales – AgroN2”

Project period: 01.01. 2013. - 30.09.2014.

As part of this R & D & I project, Humansoft Ltd. and its consortium partners wish to develop an IT decision making system prototype with Internet connection and based on electronic tools, which prototype will be able to utilize the parameters received from particular areas at specified intervals, as well as the available stock and possibly the geographic information to aid the farmer in the management of the farm.

There will be a system developed for taking samples and an information system to support the decision making process to aid the farm operations. The completed prototype will be tested with the involvement of the farmers.

The project will be carried out in four locations: Etyek, Mórahalom, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pázmánd

Project funding amount: 550,110,165 HUF, of which the amount to fund the tasks carried out by Humansoft is 157,700,548 HUF.

Consortium members:
Humansoft Ltd. (consortium leader)
Agrár Európa Consulting Ltd.
BME-Infokom Innovator Non-profit Ltd.
Sárkány Informatics Co.

Website of the project: