GOP 111-11 project

Project name: The development of a system module prototype pertaining to a complex international ERP system to support food safety and food protection processes

Project period: 01.04.2012. - 30.06.2014.

Beneficiary name and information:
Humansoft Elektronics Ltd.
Montevideo u. 8, 1037 – Budapest, Hungary
+36 (1) 270-7600

Total cost of project: 425 002 400 HUF

Project funding amount: 210 804 680 HUF

Application ID: GOP-1.1.1-11-2011-0013

Project description: Competitive solution: research-development for the national food industry. Food safety IT development financed with EU funding.

As part of the application titled „The development of a system module prototype pertaining to a complex international ERP system to support food safety and food protection processes” announced by the New Hungary Development Plan Economic Operative Program, Humansoft Ltd. was granted a 210 804 680 HUF funding for the implementation of an IT research-development, based upon which it is able to provide an integrated IT system with the potential to increase the competitive ability of companies within the food industry.

The full cost of the application work running from April, 2012 to July, 2014 is 425 002 400 HUF, requiring over 4 500 days of human labor and additional work carried out by subcontractors.

The development of the system module prototype pertaining to the complex international ERP system to support food safety and food protection processes provides a solution that is able to eliminate problems arising in connection with food safety and food protection and opens new market segments, one that can support the food security and food protection processes of primary food processing and food producing companies within the framework of a unified integrated system.

The goal of this research-development task is to create a software prototype, which enables primary food processing and food producing companies to improve their food safety results connected to food protection for a new, complex practice in food production. As such, the prototype serves to regulate food safety processes as its base task, and to protect food against intentional contamination as its dual task.

International trends show that prevention is the first and most important element within food safety and food protection, which can be achieved using a food security system coupled with proper food protection measures, while it is also crucial to strive for the minimization of harmful impacts caused by events already occurred. We can choose the complex ERP as its most ideal framework, which ensures the data recording, data storage, and data processing techniques spanning through the entire food chain in all areas of production management.

During production management it is necessary to collect and handle the data, and all needed information not only from direct suppliers, but from other participants involved as well (the suppliers of suppliers). Furthermore, the integrated handling of the processes (flow of materials, goods and information), the data recording and processing on a standard platform offer proper solution. This way, the complete identification of the raw material, as well as that of the product can be ensured, and they can be monitored throughout the entire food chain.

The development is considered a novelty both nationally and internationally, since currently there is no such solution available in any of the EU member states. The project is expected to be completed in 2014; the resulting complex ERP system can serve as an effective tool for midsize companies and large corporations to increase their economic potential.

Project completion date: expected on 30.06.2014.

Controlling authority name and contact information: National Development Agency, Wesselényi u. 20-22, 1077 – Budapest, Hungary * Tel.: +36 40 638-638

Participating organization name and contact information: Hungarian Economic Development Center, Váci út 83, 1139 – Budapest, Hungary * Tel.: +36 40 200-617