Project INFCARE8

Project description

"The development of an integrated mechatronics and IT environment for the at home care of children with chronic illnesses.”

This research and development program launching on 1st January, 2009 will be carried out as part of the National Technology Program with funding from the National Research and Technology Office providing a total of 502.846.000 HUF non-repayable grant to further ensure successful project completion.

Our goal is to establish an AAL system which does not only offer mobility to the patients and the system, but can also be enhanced easily and with flexibility both in terms of the achievable physician – professional protocols and the applicable measuring devices.

(AAL – "Ambient Assisted Living" program, which aids our life with infocommunicational devices)

During the project we will be developing a system that conforms to the needs of children with epilepsy, a very type of common illness.

As a result of our research and development, we will have a standard, widely distributable solution which can be utilized by various physicians, in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the health care consumer market, which is guaranteed to be economic as it was proven by the cost-effectiveness and health profit analyses carried out. The device prototypes are the „products” of Széchenyi István University. The 24-hour monitoring system is portable, can be easily installed at the location, hasautomatic data storage as well as an alarm system built upon. The intelligent patient bed modules offer controlled medication storage and dispensing, and, while allowing the communication between the patient and the physician, they also have educational and entertainment features.

The 670.735.000 HUF total cost INFCARE8 project for short has December 30, 2011 as the deadline of its completion.

The project is carried out from the funding of the National Development Agency.

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