Project KFI_16-1-2016-0296 was implemented with the support provided by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund (NRDI Fund) and financed by grant programme “Support to companies’ RDI activities - COMPANY RDI_16”.

Beneficiary’s name:
HUMANsoft Ltd.

Project members:
LRG É-L Ltd.

Project name: MEHASCAN5D – universal quality control system for automotive and mechanical engineering technologies.

Amount of the contracted subsidy: HUF 364,168,555 - from which the amount of the subsidy to support tasks of HUMANsoft Ltd is HUF 207,171,945.

Subsidy rate: 57.88%

Introduction of the project objective:

Development of a universal, industry-independent, self-learning, complex, multimodal, integrated, one-cycle measuring cell for the quality control of automotive and mechanical engineering technologies.

The main objective of the project is to create an automated and fast quality control technology primarily for mass-produced machinery parts and components with complex geometric shape manufactured on production lines, based on 3D size- and shape-accuracy measurements and using on-line, real-time evaluation of the data.

The project is basically targeted to develop a self-learning equipment and software system based on state of the art photo-, photogrammetry- and 3D scanning, capable of predefined quality control of the components with filtering out flawed pieces and sending feedback to the production to carry out the needed corrections, quickly and in a simply adaptable way. The technology will not only control the match of the predefined and preset parameters, but will also compare the produced parts or components with their 3D models, indicating the mismatches and displaying them in an easy and quick to evaluate visual form. The evaluation of the data received from various measurement units and based on various measurement principles is carried out with a newly developed block-matching and filtering, decimation and meshing, rating algorithm, allowing the quality control to influence the duration of the production in a tolerable way for the manufacturer. Based on the measurement data, the production can be stopped as soon as the first flawed item is detected, by this reducing additional production costs. The system can also track the defects and wear of the manufacturing tools, enabling their replacement before flawed pieces would be manufactured. The measuring cell is easily and quickly adaptable according to individual demand; therefore the control of various mixed components arriving on the assembly line can also be properly performed. The system is solely restricted by the physical parameters of the evaluated components, the expected accuracy and tolerance.

Planned Project completion date: 30.06.2019

Project identification number: KFI_16-1-2016-0296

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