MMATT project

Project name: The development of the MMATT – Mobile communication and Multimedia-based Knowledge Transfer educational support software

Project period: 01.07. 2012. – 31.12.2013.

Beneficiary name and information:

The grant offer provides funding for project companies with majority ownership by members of accredited innovation clusters. Humansoft Ltd. is one of the owners of MMATT Ltd., which belongs to the Alliance IT and Innovation Cluster.

Project description: Our goal is to develop a web-based system, that offers a significantly more complex and more comprehensive solution to teachers, students, schools, the communities of educational institutions, or even to partner school systems stretching beyond country borders than the programs currently available in the market. Among many other things, it will be able to share knowledge within a company, as well as in between companies. The program uses a nowadays very popular logic, called cloud computing. In a nutshell it means that the program runs in a central server park; therefore, the clients do not need to install a program separately, but instead it can be used online with any of the available browsers. The central server park can be fully clustered, so the resources can be arranged to meet the various user needs. The program will support such „sharing”, which means that even modularly increasing resource needs can be met quickly and flexibly. The user interface is compatible with the most commonly used browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari. The system is available via the computer browser; therefore, it is platform independent: it can be used with Microsoft Windows, Linux, OSX, as well as Android operating systems. The program offers a service, which allows students from remote locations to log in and study together e.g. in a language course, various lessons, extra-curricular courses, but even international conferences and meetings can be run on it, enabling easy cooperation with members of other countries. Following today’s trends, MMATT will also include a touch surface optimized for various smart phones and tablets. With its help, we will make it possible for anyone to access his or her stored data at any time and from anywhere, in fact, through its sharing function even to access students’, colleagues’ or foreign partners’ data, confirming MMATT’s slogan: „THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN YOUR POCKET.”

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