SziMe3D project

Project name: SziMe3D – 3D technological innovations within the areas of tourism, education and sport

Project period: 01. 06. 2012. – 28.02. 2014.

Beneficiary name and information:
SziMe3D Ltd.
H-4028 Debrecen, Kassai út 26.

The grant offer provides funding for project companies with majority ownership by members of accredited innovation clusters. Humansoft Ltd. is one of the owners of SziMe3D Ltd., which belongs to the Debrecen Silicon Field Regional IT Cluster.

Project description: From the products developed as part of the SziMe3D project, 3DAR is a solution to further enhance the 3D digital preservation method of national monuments and that of the artifacts with major national significance, while also making their utilization by museums, or for touristic and educational purposes possible. As part of the work already completed, we have created the 3D models of the built monuments and those of the artifacts with major national significance, selected, tested and evaluated the digital technologies available for use, analyzed the various processing and optimization procedure, and we have also performed the full reconstruction – as much as possible – of facilities and objects. Our task is to display the chosen facilities and objects in environments with cultural aims, as well as in those within tourism and research.

The development of the 3DSyllabus also supports education, and as part of it we will establish a software system that enables educators to aid educational processes with the creation of 3D educational materials. The software system we are to develop will include an editing program in which educational materials can be created, while there will also be player applications for several platforms (one application for each platform), which allow teachers to play the educational materials on different platforms. From a user’s perspective, the aim of the software is to offer a system of tools for people who are inexperienced in 3D planning and projection so they can develop 3D materials as well. Within the educational material, the software provides an interactive environment, which captures students’ attention more effectively, while making the learning process much easier. This same interaction will also help teachers, since the in-class use allows lecturers to tailor their material to their students’ current educational progress and state of attention, making the whole training process more productive as a result. Besides its simplified user interface, the software also offers a 3D object library to aid the creation of 3D course materials.

Further included in the project are the feasibility study of SmartTravel, an integrated travel agency IT system and the development of a marketable prototype system with full functionality: the per access-level management and sales of various offers made by travel agents, TDM organizations and by other key members of the tourism industry, which offers are organized in and available through a shared database, the settlement of all associated financial transactions between the sales teams and the products owners, and – with a special emphasis – the standardized display of the destination and hotel images and videos stored in a shared multimedia database with the help of an imaging technology that requires no 3D glasses.

FootballAvatar is based on an experimental development, which will be carried out with the involvement of the various DVSC-TEVA sports departments. Its main novelty is that soccer players and their trainers would be described in the computer simulation by data sets (avatars) with abstraction capabilities, and it would provide answers to questions connected to future behaviors as a system that supports decision making. The video processing to be developed could even answer questions like what the player in the field can see. It is a crucial piece of information to soccer experts, yet there is not a single product available in the market with such feature.

As part of the project, there will be a 3D studio established with the capability to record, edit and make 3D motion picture information available for educational purposes, as well as to further process them with various goals.

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