SziMeTour project

Project name: The development of SZIMETOUR three dimensional freight optimization tool

Project period: 01.06. 2012. – 28.02. 2014.

Beneficiary name and information:
SziMeTour Ltd.
Kassai út 26, 4028 – Debrecen, Hungary

The grant offer provides funding for project companies with majority ownership by members of accredited innovation clusters. Humansoft Ltd. is one of the owners of SziMeTour Ltd., which belongs to the Debrecen Silicon Field Regional IT Cluster.

Project description: The SZIMETOUR freight optimization system is a development to be implemented in e-transportation, which is in line with the strategic and action plan of the Silicon Field Regional IT Cluster. The aligned operation of the components within the complex system we will implement will provide such an intelligent, adaptive freight optimization service for the road transportation of freight forwarding companies, which allows them to lower their operational costs significantly, while also having a positive impact on the environmental load.

The central element of the system is a freight optimization engine made with the use of artificial intelligence technology, which has an algorithm capable of receiving the efficiency data of the actual freight routes executed and adapt the optimization algorithm – as a self-learning system – to them. A significant innovation value of the algorithm is that it also takes into consideration the geographic characteristics of the freight routes with the help of a topographic map. It can use actual traffic data (TMC) during freight route optimization, provided that they are available.

The optimization engine requires a large calculation capacity, which can be achieved by linking together multiple computers, synchronizing their operation and utilizing their combined capacity. The system is cloud based, which is transparent to the optimization engine. The transparently scalable high performance of the cloud technology is essential to the algorithm of the freight optimization system.

The system includes a freight planning application, which is both on PC and mobile platforms. As part of the project a freight optimization system, as well as the alignment between several significant ERP systems (SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics Ax) will also be developed, which means it will be able to cooperate with them in an integrated manner. The freight planning application can obtain the freight forwarding needs (delivery notes), stock and employee information, as well as the company calendar and all other logistics information from the ERP systems. The mobile clients are the ones to gather the vehicle information (actual fuel usage, current location based on GPS coordinates, completed route). For such automated data gathering, a certain hardware element is needed, one that is able to communicate with the vehicle on board computer and forward the necessary data via Bluetooth to the mobile client program in the vehicle or at the driver. From there the information goes through the mobile telephone network to the central route planning application, which then forwards it to the freight optimization engine located in cloud, and after that the adaptation of the optimization algorithm takes place. This shows that in reality the freight planning application is the one to integrate all components of the system. The freight planning application is also the one to receive the results from the freight optimization engine and then forward them to the ERP system in a format that can be interpreted by the system, e.g. loading lists in the form of bills of lading with freight information.

The system can be used both in a national and international environment, for which the international map databases, as well as the localization of the system from the standpoint of language are needed, of course.

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