UAV project 2019

Project UAV

Beneficiary’s name:

Project members:
"ANTENNA HUNGÁRIA" Plc. (consortium leader)
HUMANsoft Ltd.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Military National Security Service

Project name: Development of a complex sensing system for UAV detection (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Amount of the contracted subsidy: HUF 1,999,750,000 - from which the amount of the subsidy to support tasks of HUMANsoft Ltd is: HUF 293,250,000.

Subsidy rate: 71.32%

Planned project completion date: 31.08.2020

Project identification number: GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00087

Introduction of the project objective:
Drone prevention is a key task in modern defence activities. It is partly a duty of the authorities, which is beyond the scope of our project. Nevertheless, the first step of drone prevention, and a market also attractive for civil actors is drone detection.
The goal of the project is to develop a modular multi-sensor system with classification capabilities, suitable for the detection of mini and small (maximum 150 kg, largest dimension 10 m) unmanned aerial devices, for the determination and tracking of their trajectories. The final result of the development will be the creation of an operational technical sample system.
Currently, no highly reliable method exists in Hungary for the detection of UAV devices; also, even internationally mostly research results are available, marketable solutions have not yet appeared. This problem is worldwide present because of the fast and uncontrolled spread of UAV devices. Several leading international research institutes work in this area, but it can be generally stated that such research is in the initial phase, and only partial results were achieved.

During the project, we are going to accomplish detection based on the following sensory principles:

  • passive RF receiver and direction finder;
  • holographic radar;
  • acoustic exploration;
  • laser scanner, LIDAR;
  • visible range camera systems, and telescopes;
  • multispectral remote sensing.

During the project, first we are going to perform the research of the principles, then the development and integration (fusion) tasks.