Project eHealth8

„Physician protocol based, embedded telemedicina systems providing health benefits and the improvement of individual life quality.”

The research and development project with the assigned ID eHEALTH8 will be implemented between September 1st, 2008 and August 31st, 2011 as part of the National Technology Program, with funding provided by the National Research and Technology Office.

There was a consortium formed by prominent professional IT and physician experts, with its members setting a goal to develop a remote healthcare service system and its working prototype as a result of their 3-year long joint research-development project.

Besides Humansoft Ltd., members of the consortium include the consortium leader Answare Ltd., the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research – whose mission among many others is to strengthen the R&D activities with market characteristics in several fields nationally, Semmelweis University fulfilling the three tasks of patience care, education and research at once, and Thormed Ltd., whose mission is to develop healthcare technologies which are considered innovative and exportable at an international level.

Beyond the development of the telemedicina system prototype, our goal is to create the telemedicina standard-, tool-, and process system (platform), which – through its standard physician profession protocol representation and its tool system aiming mobility – offers a flexible, well-distributable solution applicable to the professions of numerous physicians’ fields, to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to the healthcare consumer market. The solution is based on Oracle technology.

To tool system developed during the project can be operated as the regional stand-alone unit of the Intra Institutional IT System (IKIR) implemented within the framework of the HEFOP 4.4 program, and as such can provide telemedicina (telehomecare – telemonitoring - telerehabilition) services for 39 healthcare institutions.

Since the project is to draw up the Hungarian physician profession directive combining and considering the international experiences, the new protocols can serve as novelties beyond the Hungarian borders as well.

In order to ensure the success of the project the Funder provides the Beneficiaries with a 682 553 000 HUF non-repayable grant to be applied towards the full 841 969 000 HUF cost of the project.

The project will be implemented with the funding of the National Development Agency.

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