Development of IT Systems

During the design and implementation of information systems, whether these are web apps or other IT applications, we also provide the implementation of a special electronic document management and the development, realisation and support of the related workflow.

What are the basic phases of system development?

  • During the design of the IT system we prepare the requirement analysis based on the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Using the results of the analysis we prepare the logical and physical layout of the future system.
  • The programs making up the system are created based on the accepted designs, using the latest software development tools and techniques.
  • Then the finished system is put through a multistage testing supported by test plans and attested by test acceptance reports.
  • To ensure the efficient use of the system, future users are trained.
  • Until the end of the pilot period users are closely guided to overcome initial difficulties and problems.

We have a number of ERP development references in the area of public administration, higher education, utility providers, electronic and printed media as well as within small and medium sized enterprises.