Business Management systems

Comprehensive solutions

When working out our business management systems, we are assisted by a reliable and flexible framework IT application which can be set up very quickly.

This software application is called DoQ.

Why do we need a framework system?

  • parameters can be set up very quickly
  • it is based on the business processes of the client
  • it can also be fitted to meet special needs
  • forms can be rapidly created
  • short implementation phase
  • reusable functions and tools
  • clients can be easily familiarized with further systems
  • web applications

Useful functions

Backed by the framework system, all of our business management systems have the following useful functions:

  • organizational hierarchy reflected in user rights
  • automation of workflow
  • tailored reports
  • multiple languages
  • notifications about the changes in the system by email, SMS
  • attachment of electronic files
  • integration to Microsoft products
  • support of digital signature

Tailored solutions

With the help of the DoQ framework system we created a business management system well suited to various areas of business. Our references include:

  • Registry systems
  • Record management systems
  • Document management systems
  • Pre-accounting systems
  • Systems supporting commercial activity
  • Human resource management systems
  • Contract management
  • Vendor invoice approval
  • Public administration systems