IT services

Today, at the time of economic crisis and recession, companies are more willing to reconsider strategies and to restructure their IT activity.

Decreased budgets and delayed investments entail a growing tendency to find modern solutions to provide business continuity and the chance to grow, by maintaining expected service standards and reducing costs allocated to this area at the same time.

Lower IT costs

When some elements of the IT infrastructure do not actually meet economic requirements, it is well advised to outsource them from an external provider. They pursue these activities as core services, and they are experienced to find more cost efficient alternatives. In this way, we can reduce labour costs, IT operations expenses with the related energy bill. The financial requirements of investments and the expenditures of the continuous maintenance regarding IT infrastructure can also be dramatically decreased.

With outsourced solutions for the internal efficiency

IT services acquired from external solution sellers can contribute to the stable, safe and flexible operation of our IT infrastructure in various areas, enabling the IT background to promote the daily work and an undisturbed business with low error rates and reduced costs.

Rented IT services has an exceptionally favourable effect on the quality of our business processes due to the proven professional competence of the partner and to the flexible capacities with higher availability, and with the improvement of service standards also in mind. Efficiency-enhancing services can fully cover our IT requirements like the management of PCs, system administration tasks, or managed services including the administration of our servers and networks.

How can Humansoft help you?

For example, the stability of our essential business applications is due to our application support service. It aims to provide continuous system monitoring, regular installation of updates, managing of backups, restores and errors, and also ensures undisturbed operation of critical applications through the 7x24 hour hotline system. For organizations, having their own IT crew, the installation service can also be useful to manage extraordinary situations like the installation and configuration of new, essential system elements, the speedy recovery of services critical for business, and the implementation of complex changes when high competence and extra engineering capacity are required.

High quality services with transparent costs

Humansoft Ltd. has been rendering outsourcing operation services since 1997. The processes, applications and devices outsourced from us are supported by our highly qualified and trained IT crew. In this way, a high availability of IT services, eminent service quality with transparent pricing are also guaranteed.

Uniform system

For successful business today, it is crucial to have a reliable, high availability IT background on a uniform platform. With our project-oriented solutions, we are ready to build up complete IT infrastructures started from the design, through the implementation up to the operation.

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