IT operation

Due to Humansoft Ltd.’s experience of more than 20 years, high-level professional knowledge and continuous service development, we offer services which increase business efficiency.

The function of IT infrastructure and IT services based on it is to serve and support ’core’ business activities, but they have a serious effect on business efficiency and profit.

Humansoft Ltd.’s customised IT outsourcing solution provides you company all the benefits of modern IT solutions. Moreover, you do not have to deal with the organisation and management of IT any more.

What kind of values do we provide to our clients?

  • Improving business efficiency (income, profit)
  • Increased business, financial and technological flexibility
  • Higher quality IT services
  • Stronger focus on core business activity
  • Shared responsibility
  • Guaranteed service level (SLA)

IT operational services

We have built up our IT operational portfolio, with the elements of which we realise the complete operational solution of IT infrastructures of big companies, in a modular way.

We provide professional service in the following IT operational areas:

Our main service constructions

Our managed services

Our managed operation service means that we take over the operation of an existing structure/organization in order to provide IT services partly or completely in a more cost-efficient, transparent way, by guaranteedly fulfilling the given SLA requirements.

We were able to further enhance efficiency by using our resources operating in shared organization. (Servicedesk, 3rd level support etc.)

Our support services

We recommend our support services for clients who maintain an in-house operation team, but occasionally need to involve high-level professional expertise or extra engineering capacity. With the support of our highly-qualified engineering team, you can restore services of critical importance for your business or realise complicated changes in a cost-effective way. In order to solve occasional problems, you do not have to employ expensive, well-qualified engineers.

Features of our IT operational services

  • Quality of service is guaranteed by service-level agreement.
  • 7x24 hour-long availability
  • Highly qualified engineering team
  • Continuous service development
  • Our service is available in Hungary and in the Central European region.
  • ITIL –based optimised processes and operation
  • Professional service management and service reports
  • Direct manufacturer’s and developer’s support for various systems
  • An operational team with professional knowledge and capacity depending on demands
  • Transparent, optimised operating costs

Why Humansoft?

Humansoft Ltd. a dominant service provider in IT infrastructure operation on the Hungarian IT market.

We have been providing outsourced IT operational services to our clients since 1997. Today, we have serious history and experience in this field, which is proven by the fact that we have 50 competitive and satisfied contract partners.

You can request an offer at the following address:

Our main references

Enterprise customers Small and medium sized business (some of the 30 customers)
Unilever Hungary Ltd. Desktop operation (800 pcs), cooperation with international companies (Dell, Unisys), 4 location int he country AIB Hungary Ltd.
Esselte Ltd.
Fujifilm Magyarország Ltd.
Gea EGI Zrt.
Horváth Rudolf Ltd.
Hoya Lens Hungary Zrt.
Pappas Auto Magyarország Ltd.
Servier Hungária Ltd.
TBWA Budapest Ltd.
UFS Net Ltd.
Vasas SC
Wilo Magyarország Ltd.
Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. Complete IT infrastructure operation (300 PCs and 100 servers) Service operating in 8 countries
BT Limited Hungary IT infrastructure operation (400 PCs and 2 servers) 3 locations
Infineon Technologies Ltd. Helpdesk, PC and server operation
Sanofi-Aventis cPlc. Helpdesk, PC operation (400 pcs)
Egis Plc. Helpdesk, PC and server operation (3000 PCs, 150 servers)
Teva Plc. Helpdesk, PC operation (1000 pcs)

Our IT operation services can be found here:

More information:
Péter Dudás
IT Solutions and Services Director