One of the most important components of our ITIL-based IT services provided to our partners is our Customer Service or HelpDesk service.

Purpose of customer service

The primary purpose of our service is to provide positive experience to our clients relating to IT services. Our customer service achieves this by the following means:

  • It makes complex and complicated background IT processes available for the end users, that is for everybody in a simplified, understandable form.
  • Our customer service as ’IT face’ provides out clients an entry point to access IT services including information search, posting a new claim or reporting a possible error
  • It establishes a single point of contact, which makes communication with the IT organization and the use of services provided by them more effective.

The advantages of our company’s helpdesk

Our HelpDesk service provides the following advantages to our clients:

  • It provides a centralised single point of contact between end users and the IT organization
  • It provides interface towards other IT services (e.g. Change management, Configuration management, Release management, etc.)
  • It provides high quality IT support so that business operation objectives can be reached.
  • It identifies and reduces the TCO value of IT services
  • It supports changes along business operation, IT technology or IT processes
  • It enhances client satisfaction
  • Customer service can automate regularly occurring tasks, thus accelerating the implementation of other processes
  • It can provide decision support data related to the IT operation and its quality
  • It reveals further business opportunities through the evaluation of reports

Tasks of our customer service

The customer service of our company carries out the following tasks:

  • Incident ticket registration and tracking
  • Prioritizing and categorising service demands
  • Incident and problem solving (through remote management)
  • Problem escalation (toward higher-level support team within Humansoft Ltd or an external partner, e.g. Microsoft Premier Support or Hardware brand service)
  • Service demand management
  • Helping users (E.g.. „How to save an e-mail attachment?” type of questions)
  • Third-party partner management

The opening hours, scope and structure (external and internal) of our Helpdesk service and the services offered by it are tailored to the Client’s needs. Our Customer Service is available through phone, e-mail or the website.

More information:
Péter Dudás
IT Solutions and Services Director