IT Security Management

The security of an IT system is a very sensitive issue nowadays. Companies regard the attacks arriving from the Internet as the threat that jeopardize their IT security to the most extent. However, in the reality it means a smaller threat than the internal attacks and damages causing harms in the system. This is why we emphasize to ensure a complete security, as it is useless to protect our system against an expected threat if we can easily suffer an attack through other security niches.

What do we mean by an IT security management?

During the operation we handle the topic of security as a separate management function.

The aim of our IT security management service is to realise and constantly monitor the external (from the Internet) and internal (from the local network) IT security.

Main elements of the IT security:

  • Firewall protection
  • Antivirus protection for the protection of files, Web turnover and correspondence
  • Software updates
  • Password policy development
  • Management of privileges
  • Antivirus protection
  • Creation of a back-up strategy
  • Ensuring of an uninterruptible power supply
  • Ensuring of the redundancy of central servers/data storage devices
  • Physical protection of servers (servers), creation of a server room

The creation and continuous monitoring of the above-listed security elements is essential to realise and maintain a security level desired nowadays.

Within the framework of our service, we undertake to provide a tailor-made solution meeting today’s requirements, by the participation of qualified CISA associates, in order to raise your IT system to a higher security level and to maintain it on the long run, too.

When do we offer our services?

  • In case if your company misses any of the above-listed security elements
  • If you do not know exactly, what is the security level of your company
  • If you feel your IT system vulnerable
  • If you would like to reach a higher-level security level in your IT system

More information:
Péter Dudás
IT Solutions and Services Director