Maintenance and support

What kind of devices and manufacturers are involved in Humansoft’s repair service?

The aim of Humansoft’s repair service is to provide its clients with a complex repair service, on the highest possible level. Based on this we continuously increase the number of our partnerships, thus we are able to provide repair services for devices of more and more manufacturers, both for ones included in the warranty and beyond it.

Humansoft’s repair service, thanks to its wide-range character, cannot be fit into usual repair service categories. If we still attempt to do so, we find a result something like this:

According to manufacturer parnterships According to device types According to services
  • Dell service (1999)
  • HP serice (2009)
  • Fujitsu service (2007)
  • NetApp service (2010)
  • Kingston service (2010)
  • Laptop, notebook service
  • PC service
  • Printer service
  • Server service
  • Storage service
  • Other enterprise-class device service
  • Other computer peripherals service
  • Warranty service
  • Repairs without warranty
  • Advanced, high-availability service
  • Centralized service
  • Parts trade

We continuously extend the serviced devices and the number of partnerships with manufacturers.

How does Humansoft repair service operate?

We provide several channels for our clients (phone:+36 1 270 7660, e-mail, online service) for the reporting of events, all of which are connected to our technical call centre (helpdesk). The tracking of incoming events and calls is carried out in the system of CA Service Desk, in which all information related to the given event can be found at one place, this way making the scheduling and the continuous monitoring easier.

The processing of recorded events is the task of our Helpdesk. Here takes place the specification of reports, the search for a telephone solution, and the provision of support for users. Events requiring a local help are forwarded by the Helpdesk to the leaders of the repair service, where the managers transfer the task to the repair service engineers together with a specified work instruction. Our colleagues can require the support of the manufacturers and the experts’ field of Humansoft during the whole process. This way in case of any unforeseeable difficulty, they are able to respond to inquiries as soon as possible, in order to eliminate the occurred problem.

How Humansoft service works?

Why to choose Humansoft repair service?

Since Murphy we know that: “If anything can go wrong, it will.” And if it went wrong, it costs money, even if the device is within the warranty period. It costs money as it does not work, while it should produce in some way. In a better case it makes impossible only on colleague’s work, in a worse case, a whole series of machines or industry branch breaks down because of the faulty device.

All of us have heard horror stories about the long time that is necessary for repairing a defected device within the warranty period. For a repair shop there is always the possibility of insisting on the time provided to it by the relevant regulations and prescriptions of the manufacturers, which, in general, do not really meet the clients’ requirements. The Hungarian law does not have special regulations in connection with the time that should be enough for a repair work. The manufacturers usually set much stricter prescriptions; however, in most of the cases, it (the basic warranty) is still not what the client usually wants.

We do it otherwise.

Of course we keep all the regulations and do not disregard the system of conditions set by the manufacturer; we neither are allowed to do that. However, there are plenty of possibilities to offer more within these limits:

  • For us the regulations and prescriptions are not important in the sense that while we are aware of the minimum that should be kept, but we would like to know what is the maximum that can be reached by keeping them.
  • We adapt to the requirements of the client, as long as they do not contradict to the prescriptions.
  • We do not insist on taking the longest possible time before a deadline; we prefer finishing the work as soon as possible.
  • We represent the interests of our clients at the manufacturers : within the limits of our possibilities.
  • We do not search for excuses – we try to find solutions.
  • We provide a telephone-based support, as well.
  • We are not a specialized repair service of a single manufacturer, therefore also in case of a system compiled from more manufacturers, we are able to help you efficiently, and the manufacturers cannot “point fingers at each other”.
  • Behind us there is one of Hungary’s biggest system integrator companies, with its resources and proficiency.
  • Professional experience of almost 20 years.
  • Team of professionals with a wide-scale education, both from the field of hardware and software.

With what kind of problems can you turn to Humansoft repair service?

Correction of problems

Our repair service can provide help in case of problems both within and beyond the warranty. You can contact us in connection with the repairing of any defected IT devices.


We carry out the repair services in accordance with the warranty status of the given device. If the warranty expired and a check was made in our repair shop, we do not request any checking fee. We always inform the owner if we do not regard the repair economical.

For the product of which manufacturer are you looking for a repair shop?

Parts trade

Trade of spare parts

We provide professional consultancy for the purchase of IT parts, and we can also purchase the necessary components. Thanks to our partnerships with manufacturers, we can obtain the full range of available spare parts of the given manufacturer.

Advanced-level repair services with high availability

In many cases it may happen that there is a need for higher-level services than provided by the basic warranty by the manufacturer. One part of these can be obtained from the manufacturer (this may be a basic condition, as well), however, it happens frequently that we need a service that cannot be found in the manufacturer’s offer.

Our repair service can help you in both cases, and our 7x24-hour standby service allows our colleagues to respond a problem report any time a problem report any time.

Centralized service

Centralized (Full) service

In case your company uses devices from several manufacturers or purchasing sources, or the IT personnel, instead of doing its important tasks is busy with managing the repairs and the transporting of devices to the repair shops, our centralized repair service can be the solution to this problem. It does not matter what kind of devices you have and from how many sources, you always have to call the same single telephone number and all the rest of the tasks are ours.