Software Solutions

Many companies are still using out-dated informatics solutions throughout Hungary; while at the same time world-leading software companies continuously introduce their recently developed software. These companies usually operate with Excel-based business intelligence, uniform telephone and email based communication and handwritten notebook-based teamwork, which may inevitably block their development. Beyond a certain company size, lack of appropriate informatics support may hinder the operation of companies, slow down everyday work, overcomplicate intra-company communication, and make transparency of the company virtually impossible.

How can informatics contribute to efficacy of our company?

  • advanced team work software may make intra-company file sharing simpler and will make cooperation between employees working on the same project more effective
  • owing to uniform communication the most appropriate means of communication can be chosen at all times, and we can be sure that no messages are lost in cyberspace
  • virtualisation may help us decrease operational costs and improve employee mobility
  • business intelligence may help us estimate operation of the company, thereby contribute to more appropriate decisions
  • advanced IT security software reassure safety of previous company data
  • control software may help us manage the operation of our IT infrastructure, enabling easier management
  • advanced office packages may contribute to implementation of our ideas without the need to compromise

Why Humansoft?

Since 2002, our company possesses the highest ranking among Hungarian solution-delivering companies. As Microsoft Gold Partners we currently have 10 competencies, and our company has been ranked as 2nd in the Best VMware Partner of the Year 2009 category. Besides all that, our experts can provide useful advice also concerning other software – e.g. database handler, graphical and DTP applications and security programmes, including state-of-the art solutions.

We offer the following software:

  • Symantec software
  • Barracuda software
  • VMware software
  • CA software
  • BalaBit software
  • Check Point software
  • Aladdin software